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Kampen om Narvik

The battle of Narvik is the largest battle that has ever taken place in Scandinavia. This battle was Hitler´s first defeat during WW2 and 50.000 soldiers from Norway, Poland, Egland, France and Germany were involved. During the 2 months the fightings took place, 8500 soldiers were killed, 64 ships were sunk and 85 planes were shot down. It was the largest naval battle in the Atlantic ocean during the war and became an inspiration for the allies that Nazi-Germany could be defeated. 


Director: Erik Skioldbjærg

Producers: Nordisk Film Production AS

Co-Producers: Storyline NOR AS

Distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution

Release date: TBA

Status: Streaming now

kampen om narvik 16x9 WEB.jpg
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